General Trivia Quiz
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Question 1 of 10
Complete this famous book title: 'One Flew Over the ________ _____'? 
Question 2 of 10
Who has to see the Wizard in 'The Wizard of Oz'?
Question 3 of 10
What sitcom does the actor Ray Ramono star in?
Question 4 of 10
What type of tree is the famous "General Sherman" in Sequoia National Park?
Question 5 of 10
A Maze is defined as a what?
Question 6 of 10
The study of the science of animal life is called…?
Question 7 of 10
Buick produced which car?
Question 8 of 10
John Ford's 'The Grapes of Wrath' is based on a book by what acclaimed author?
Question 9 of 10
With which country was the Czech Republic in a federation with from 1918 to 1992?
Question 10 of 10
Which popular city is often referred to as the "Paris of South America"?

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